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Dwina Gibb

Dwina Murphy-Gibb is an author, artist, and playwright, born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Educated in Northern Ireland, she attended Hornsey Art College in England. During this time, Dwina won many an art competition, winning first prize in County Tyrone at merely 10 years of age.

Her first exhibition was held when she was but 14-years old, in Eccles, Lancashire. She also began writing stories at just 9-years of age, performing and winning many a poetry award. She later wrote and directed dialogues and stage-plays, and painted sceneries and backdrops for both plays and for other play-writes, including scenery for ballet performances. Her art has since been exhibited at the Jonathan Poole Gallery in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

She illustrated the definitive work of….

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I bind to you with golden chord the song of your content, I bind to me with shivered silk the woven threads of your lament, I bind to you with plaited flowers the eightfold might of all your powers: The might of granting wishes be your desire and mine. The might of greatest cloaking to protect and make divine, The might of wings for flying to detach from the entwined, The might of changing shapes..


Juggling, not Smuggling, and a Satellite. I remember climbing the wire fence at the back of our house so I could see the train travelling beside the river a few fields away, the same fence my mother bade us climb one night, waking us up, to see the Northern Lights, a rare sighting, that was bright over the North of Ireland.


The Yeats Society, off into the depths of Sligo again, on a pilgrimage to meet there with your man Seamus, that rare Maestro of the Quill, whose words stir hearts, and pluck on spines, his deep voice traipsing poems off the tongue to make minds go still. A hero of mine, born and bred in County Derry, and I next door in Tyrone. I am in awe, and pine to hear him read from Door In The Dark, The Haw Lantern or Sweeney Astray.

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