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Dwina Gibb

Dwina Murphy-Gibb is an author, artist, and playwright, born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Educated in Northern Ireland, she attended Hornsey Art College in England. During this time, Dwina won many an art competition, winning first prize in County Tyrone at merely 10 years of age.

Her first exhibition was held when she was but 14-years old, in Eccles, Lancashire. She also began writing stories at just 9-years of age, performing and winning many a poetry award. She later wrote and directed dialogues and stage-plays, and painted sceneries and backdrops for both plays and for other play-writes, including scenery for ballet performances. Her art has since been exhibited at the Jonathan Poole Gallery in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

She illustrated the definitive work of….

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Lucy measured the Child for the Light “I think I can do it. You are rather small,” she said finally. The Star Child stared at Lucy. “Well, I am quite new.” HOME: Small soul, little light, one bright gem in a myriad of stars, lost in the labyrinth of time, dancing to the tune of the turbulent elements, listen, you who have walked that walk. Remember the earth, that humble sod trodden by gods with feet lighter than the wisps of cobwebs swaying in the wind, wind as warm as soft sands bleeding the warmth from the sun, wind that whispers secrets in the ears of grasses and hears the gentle hearts of seas that talk, wind, that heralds the changes from then to now, and blows through angels’ trumpets in all the lands.

Martyrs, Saints, and Living Angels

Weeping Wren MARTYRS, SAINTS AND LIVING ANGELS Saint Cecilia, Patron Saint of Music, and Musicians. My late husband Robin carried a small stone from Saint Cecilia’s tomb in a tape cassette box in his bag or pocket whenever he was recording music or on tour. Saint Cecilia’s day is on the 22nd of November and Robin and his twin Maurice were born on 22nd of December, (also coincidently my birthday, although a different year) and of course, he was happy that we all had the number 22 in common. Saint Cecilia was, and is, the patron saint of music and musicians.

Quests & Conquests of the Soul and Silence

Quests and Conquests of the Soul on Silence Finding the Child and Sage within. (I am forever grateful for the Raja Yoga teachings of the late Yogini Dadi Janki from her Enlightened Teacher who believed women were the Empress Souls of the world at a time when they were considered not even to be a soul or possess soul consciousness.) I don’t profess to be a physical yoga expert, (far from it) only a perpetual student and practitioner of mind yoga. It is how I understand the word ‘meditation.’ This has been a revelation for me and an aid to living in this world of drama.

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