The Vedic Tarot

The Vedic Tarot (Tarot Deck and Guidebook, Box Set) : East Meets West

-By Dwina Murphy-Gibb
Unlock the fusion of Eastern spirituality and Western Tarot wisdom with this masterful creation, years in the making, which offers a tapestry of teachings and transformative insights.

• Explore the Tarot’s correlation with Vedic Sanskrit, Irish Ogham Tree alphabet, and Hebrew, plus musical notes and instruments tied to chakras for a deeper holistic awareness
• Immerse yourself in 81 cards inspired by visions of a glorious past, guiding you back to an immortal future and empowering soul transformations.
• Navigate the powers of the soul with three extra cards— Oogenesis, Arbor Vitae, and the Supreme Soul (0)—fostering a profound journey to enlightenment.
• Delve into the in-depth card meanings, learn the relationship between the Ancient Alphabets, and unveil universal connections among archetypes and the energies of the five elements.
• Experience powerful card readings such as interlocking the 81 cards to form a mandala, harmonizing with both Western and Eastern astrology.
Uncover the underlying connections in this transcendent exploration as The Vedic Tarot blends Eastern wisdom with Western philosophy. Don’t miss this transformative journey!

Size: 5.0in x 8.0in | Pages: 288 | 81 art cards
Binding: Box Set
ISBN: 9780764368202



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